By Mary Trotta
Generous Funding and Gratitude

Camp Wamp is thrilled to announce that we will soon begin the second year of our forest management program. Thanks to the generous funding provided by The Martis Fund and the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation’s Forest Futures campaign, we are able to proceed. We want to extend our gratitude to both organizations for their support and commitment to preserving our precious natural resources. 

Expertise and Guidance of Sara Taddo Jones

sara jones wearing an orange work vest. steve wampler in his wheelchair. they are in front of the lake

At the heart of our forest management program lies the expertise and guidance of Sara Taddo Jones. A Registered Professional Forester from Mason Bruce & Girard in Auburn, CA. Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our initiative. Her commitment to sustainable forestry practices and her passion for environmental conservation have been key in shaping the direction and success of our program.  Sara’s connection to our property at Deer Lake goes back many years before Camp Wamp acquired the land. She spent years consulting with the previous land owners, The Girls Scouts of America. She is one of the many magical connections we often boast about. We are immensely grateful for her dedication and the invaluable contribution she makes to Camp Wamp’s forest management endeavors. She is a great teacher, mentor, and dear friend of Camp Wamp.

Enhancing Forest Health and Vitality

overgrown forest cleaned up forest

We started the project last summer and made huge progress on the areas at the center of Camp. As we venture into this new phase of our forest management program, it is important to understand the reasons driving our efforts. Our primary goal is to enhance forest health and vitality, protecting this ecosystem for future generations. By actively managing the forest, we can reduce the negative impacts of pests, diseases, and invasive species, thereby supporting a strong and resilient environment.  To date, we have completed the work on about 15 acres and intend to cover a total of approximately 130 acres over the next couple of years. 

map of camp wamp with lines showing phases of our forest management plan

Safety from Wildfires

Another critical aspect of our forest management program is ensuring safety from devastating wildfires. The threat of wildfires looms over many regions. In the past three years, areas of the Tahoe region have endured some major destruction. We are dedicated to implementing preventative measures to protect both our campsite and the surrounding areas. Through strategic thinning, fuel reduction, and the creation of firebreaks, we can significantly reduce the risk of wildfires, enhancing the safety of our campers and the broader community.

Improving Accessibility within the Forest

two girls in forest. one is in a wheelchair/stroller and the other is leaning on her chair

In addition, our efforts aim to improve accessibility within the forest. By carefully managing the vegetation and trails, we create pathways that are easier to navigate. This allows our campers and staff to explore and enjoy the splendors of the forest with greater ease. Accessible trails promote inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical ability, can experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. Being “one with nature” is a key focus of Camp Wamp.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Camp Wamp is thrilled to kick off this second year of the forest management program as soon as the snow melts and we can get back in! Our commitment to forest health, safety from wildfires, and improved accessibility drives our determination to create a sustainable future.

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