Health & Wellness

Ensuring a Healthy Arrival

Camp Health and Wellness Information: To guarantee your camper enjoys the best possible experience, it’s crucial they arrive healthy and free from illness. If your child exhibits any symptoms of sickness, please keep them at home until fully recovered and promptly inform the Camp Director.

Joining the Camp Community

As your camper becomes part of our vibrant camp community, interacting with volunteers, counselors, and up to 24 other campers, adopting good hygiene habits like frequent hand-washing and proper sneeze etiquette is essential.

Professional Health Support

Moreover, our camp benefits from the presence of a professional health team, including a Registered Nurse (Health Supervisor) and a local physician who is always on call, ensuring comprehensive health support throughout the camp duration.

Important Notifications

You will be notified if your camper:

  • Spends a night in the infirmary.
  • Requires a doctor’s consultation or needs to visit the emergency room.
  • Violates the Camper Behavior Agreement.

Additionally, we may reach out to you regarding:

  • Queries about the information on your camper’s Health History Form.
  • The need for your assistance or support with your camper’s well-being.

Health Screening and Medications

Upon arrival, each camper undergoes a thorough health screening by the Health Supervisor, who also verifies the provided health information. Parents will be promptly notified of any health concerns. Please ensure all medications are properly labeled, prescribed by a certified physician, and come with detailed instructions for use.

Medication Policy

Only prescription medications are accepted, and they will be administered according to the prescribed instructions. Emergency medications, such as Epinephrine pens or inhalers, will always be within easy reach of the camper, with our staff fully briefed on each child’s specific health needs.

Head Lice Prevention

To mitigate the risk of spreading head lice, checking your camper for lice before their arrival is strongly advised. The CDC’s website offers extensive guidance on detecting and treating head lice. It’s crucial to treat all personal belongings that come in contact with hair to prevent re-infections.

Sun Safety and Hydration

We place a high emphasis on sun protection and hydration. Campers are encouraged to bring sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and lip balm with SPF. Drinking at least three bottles of water daily is advocated to ensure hydration remains a priority.

Water Conservation and Shower Practices

In line with California’s water conservation efforts, we request campers to limit their shower time. Encouraging the practice of 5-minute showers before camp helps campers adjust to water-saving measures and supports our commitment to conserving California’s water resources.

CA Water Conservation Tips