By Alejandra Bruyere, Assistant Camp Director

Who is Max?

max and ale in front of laptop

Allow me to introduce you to Max Park, a true team player whose presence has brought a positive impact on all of Camp Wamp. As the Assistant Camp Director, I work side by side with Max, and I can attest to her remarkable qualities.

Max joined the Camp Wamp team in the summer of 2019. Recognized for her passion for outdoor education, a mutual acquaintance recommended her for the role of Nature Director. Max had nine years of experience as a Paddle Tour Guide on the intercoastal waterways of South Florida and five years as an Adventure Camp Director. She proved to be a perfect fit for our needs. Intelligent, creative, playful, and fun, Max instantly captivates the children with her magnetic personality. I fondly recall the summer when she introduced the owl poop dissection activity—truly a unique idea!

Transitioning from her previous roles to joining Camp Wamp, Max discovered an entirely different world. While she had some experience working with children on the autism spectrum, Camp Wamp provided a refreshing change of pace. Embracing the challenges and rewards of working with kids with physical disabilities surpassed all her previous endeavors. This experience transformed Max’s life, and she became deeply connected to Camp Wamp. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to Camp Director; little did we know that the pandemic would soon disrupt our plans.

Virtual Camp Wamp

Although Camp Wamp had to close its doors for in-person camp in 2020 and 2021, that didn’t stop Max from providing a meaningful experience for the kids. She spearheaded the incredible two-year “Virtual Camp Wamp” initiative, which featured various topics, games, contests, activities, and weekly “Snacks with Max” segments. Just imagine Max dressed up in a dinosaur costume, demonstrating fun and easy recipes for the kids to try at home via Zoom. Her infectious enthusiasm never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. We were thrilled to return to camp in person last summer, and the experience was nothing short of amazing—it’s hard to put into words, but “magic” comes to mind.

ACA Accreditation.    American Camp Association

Last year, completing our ACA accreditation renewal was a significant achievement for Camp Wamp, and Max deserves all the credit for our success. She displayed unwavering commitment throughout the process, which required extensive work and preparation. The American Camping Association (ACA) is a widely recognized and respected organization that grants accreditation to camps in the United States. ACA accreditation signifies that a camp has met or exceeded the organization’s rigorous standards for safety, program quality, and operational practices. Max’s dedication to this endeavor led us to achieve a perfect score on the evaluation, highlighting our camp’s excellence within the industry.

It’s about what you CAN do!

Camp Wamp brings happiness not only to our campers but also to our staff. We work diligently year-round to ensure a memorable experience for everyone involved. The unexpected closure of Camp Wamp this summer due to the extreme snowpack is truly disheartening for us all. This closure not only leaves a void in the lives of eager campers but also affects the staff, who pour their hearts into creating a magical experience. Max feels a deep loss, and the thought brings tears to her eyes. We remain optimistic about the future and are excitedly planning to make next year the best summer ever for all our Camp Wamp kiddos! Our motto remains steadfast: “It’s about what you CAN do!”

We love you, Max and Camp Wamp wouldn’t be the same without you!