A magical place for learning and growth.


Camp Wamp, a camp for children with physical disabilities, is lovingly embraced by tall, graceful pines and snugly nestled on the banks of Deer Lake in Soda Springs, California. Everywhere you look, beautiful flowers and plants flourish naturally along the pathways and adorn the building entrances throughout the campground, adding to the serene atmosphere. In a setting filled with wonder and awe, campers spend each night on cots outside, enveloped under a blanket of stars. Indeed, this creates a transformative and unforgettable experience for all who visit.


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A Journey of Empowerment

In 2004, nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, Stephen and Elizabeth Wampler embarked on a mission. They dreamed of a camp where children with physical disabilities could fully experience the wilderness. This dream, inspired by Stephen’s transformative camping experience, led to Camp Wamp’s creation. By 2017, a generous donation helped realize this dream on Deer Lake’s serene shores.

Deer Lake’s Legacy

For over fifty years, Deer Lake echoed with laughter as a Girl Scout camp. Honoring this history, the Wamplers named their sanctuary Camp Wamp at Deer Lake, marrying tradition with new adventures.

From Past to Present

Originally a hunting estate in the 1920s, the site has become a joyous retreat. Despite modern updates, its soul, steeped in history, remains. The Camp Wamp staff’s passion ensures it’s a place of friendship, learning, and adventure.

Empowerment Through Adventure

At Camp Wamp, a warm “We’re glad you’re here!” welcomes every child. Campers, or “Wampers,” experience the camp’s unique magic, fostering growth and community.

Join Our Story

Dive into a world where adventure, friendship, and laughter fill the air. Camp Wamp is more than a camp; it’s a family united by our campers’ indomitable spirits. Interested in our story or eager to support our mission? Explore this site and Contact Us. Together, at Camp Wamp at Deer Lake, we make dreams come true.



The Wampler’s have been providing wilderness experiences to children with physical disabilities since 2002.

“We are so fortunate and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your family. To you, the parents and guardians, we just want to say Thank You for being a part of the Camp Wamp Family. This privilege and responsibility of providing quality camping experiences has guided us through the years and allowed us to serve hundreds of campers and parents. As founders, we agree with many parents who come to see their camper’s experience as an integral part of their growth, as important to their development as the right school, friends, and home environment. Camp Wamp will help make your decision an easy one! Our goal is that you will find Camp Wamp to be a place of fun, friends, laughter and learning. Thank you for the privilege of providing “the camp of choice” for your camper!  ~Stephen & Elizabeth Wampler


Steve Wampler, Founder – steve@wamplerfoundation.org
Elizabeth Wampler, CoFounder – edw@wamplerfoundation.org
Mary Trotta, Director – mary@wamplerfoundation.org
Max Park, Camp Director – max@wamplerfoundation.org
Alejandra Bruyere, Asst. Camp Director – ale@wamplerfoundation.org


We’re an ACA-Accredited Camp – not just a member. It’s a big difference!

Earning ACA Accreditation underscores a camp’s unwavering dedication to crafting a secure and engaging environment for children. This esteemed accreditation demands a thorough evaluation against as many as 300 standards, encompassing a broad spectrum from staff qualifications and training to sophisticated emergency management practices. Moreover, the American Camp Association (ACA) collaborates with distinguished organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Red Cross. This partnership ensures that camps adhere to the latest, research-supported operational standards.

Furthermore, this collaborative effort seamlessly blends growth and enjoyment within a secure setting. Recognized for their commitment to providing health-focused, developmentally appropriate activities and learning opportunities, ACA-endorsed camps excel in promoting exploration and learning via hands-on participation. Additionally, these camps are lauded for their efforts in encouraging community service, environmental stewardship, leadership development, and personal growth. As a pinnacle of excellence in the camping industry, ACA’s endorsement serves as a robust testament to a camp’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in youth camping experiences. Significantly,

Camp Wamp’s recent achievement of a perfect score on our ACA accreditation evaluation further solidifies our reputation as an exemplary choice for your child’s camping adventure, underscoring our commitment to excellence.