Camp is the only place that we can have so much fun, and it is the kind of fun that we can only have at camp!


Camp Wamp offers one-week camp sessions for campers of all ages with physical disabilities. Children enjoy a sleep-away week of camping under the stars and experience everything the great outdoors has to offer. They create memories that last a lifetime.

Camp sessions are divided into two categories: Preteens ages 8-12 and Teens ages 13-18.


Our daily schedule includes activities that have been adapted to fit the needs and abilities of each of our campers.

If a camper feels that the activities are not meeting their needs, or if they have a specific activity request, we are happy to do everything in our power to meet the unique goals of your camper. Camp Wamp offers a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that will foster personal achievement and improvement in activities that require individual effort. Gaining confidence and having fun, while learning, is the natural result of participation under the careful guidance of certified and trained staff in all of our activities.

camp wamp activities

Campers enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including: fishing, canoeing, singing around the camp fire, hiking, making new friends, participating in survival challenges, and much more.

All Camp Wamp sessions offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) experiences. STEAM will be introduced in an outdoor classroom setting where professionals introduce STEAM throughout the week at camp. STEAM is geared towards problem solving specific to the disabilities of each child.

Camp Wamp’s survival challenges encourage teamwork, self education, and fosters goal setting. We believe being a part of a team is one way to enjoy adventures that the wilderness of the High Sierra’s has to offer. Nature is our living classroom, and the more children are exposed to the elements, the more they tend to appreciate the natural environment.

Camp Traditions

Many years ago, the children of Camp Wamp named themselves “Wampers”. It is great fun for them to have a name of their own, and to be a part of an important club. When you come to camp, you become a Wamper for life!

Year after year campers pass down what we have come to know as the essence of camp. It is our through our customs that we create a strong bond within the Camp Wamp community, and to one another as a whole. At the very core, Camp Wamp is steeped in both tradition and tons of fun! With our own songs and chants, flags and teams that are passed on summer after summer, decade after decade, we build a community that is unique to us. Bonds are strong at Camp Wamp, friendships are real, and traditions and customs run deep. We find this important and collectively beneficial to Wampers, one and all.

​Evening programs and Special Events at Camp Wamp are also a part of the traditions that make returning to Camp Wamp so special each summer! Each session will include a special event and a variety of exciting evening programs that campers look forward to every summer!