Steve’s Climb

Brilliant & invigorating!  Steve’s Climb called Wampler’s Ascent has won multiple film & festival awards. It’s an inspiring film that motivates us all. Currently Stephen J Wampler has become an international celebrity speaking at TEDx, many Foundations, Corporations & Sales Teams to inspire and motivate leaders. Stephen J Wampler shares his story on what it takes to make the impossible, possible. “Your mind is your only limit” Rock on kid!

Steve's Climb Wampler's Ascent


Steve's Climb Wampler's Ascent Camp Wamp


38 International Film Accolade Awards and 55 film festivals

“Your mind is your only limit.”
Wampler's Ascent Stephen J Wampler
Wampler's Ascent Live your dreams

“…something of a miracle.” – Hollywood Reporter

“If Wampler survives the moment…..he’ll be a legend; if he’s forced to give up, he’ll merely be one of the bravest human beings on the planet.” – Chuck Wilson. Village Voice & LA Weekly

“an inspiring story…” – LA Times

Steve's Climb Wampler's Ascent
Steve's Climb Award

““It’s an inspiration for every one of us every single day. It’s one of the greatest challenges in rock climbing: El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and for a climber with Cerebral Palsy, it’s a lesson in matching the giant spirit to a gigantic American heart… …SIMPLY AMAZING!” Diane Sawyer, ABC News

““Just getting through the trailer without bursting into tears is impossible…” “This documentary is amazing…”
“So emotional…”  FOX NEWS – Shannon Bream

“Just getting through the trailer without bursting into tears is impossible…” “This documentary is amazing…”
“So emotional…”  FOX NEWS – Shannon Bream

““He and Elizabeth have realized his lifelong dream. I grew up with Steve and my family and I have been big fans of his for a very long time… Please pass this on as I would like everyone to know about Steve and what he is doing.”  Will Forte, Saturday Night Live (10 years)

“I have absolute faith you will make it to the top and I want hear about it once your back at the bottom.”  Paul Reiser, Comedian

“…It is pretty amazing!”  – Jay Leno NBC’s Tonight Show

“Failure is not an option.”

In the film Stephen J Wampler shows us how persistence, tenacity and finding your inner strength can help you accomplish what many thought was impossible. Steve’s Climb Wampler’s Ascent pulls through and climbs El Capitan “El Cap” in Yosemite National Park.

Our dream at the Stephen J Wampler Foundation: “Our dream is to inspire kids to achieve what they want out of life”

Rock on kid! Stephen J Wampler Foundation and Camp Wamp Mission, “To provide life changing outdoor education experiences to physically disabled children.”

Our goal is to partner and with organizations who want to make a difference with kids with physical disabilities.

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