Staff Member Expectations and Policy Agreement

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Staff Member Expectations Agreement

Camp is a place for you to have fun, improve skills, become more independent, make new friends, develop social skills, experience a different environment, and learn from positive community members. The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation Inc. (Camp Wamp) Summer Camp community embraces a respectful, supportive, and inclusive environment where each person can feel safe and grow. This form is going to state some of the expectations we have of camp staff members. Please read each statement and attest that you agree to live and work under these conditions.

Camp Staff Expectations

Discipline Procedures

If a staff member exhibits a negative behavior, they will be counseled by their supervisors. If the behavior continues or is seen as disruptive, unsafe, or harmful to self or others the Camp Director will meet with the staff person in a formal disciplinary meeting. The staff person may be removed from the activity and their camper assignment, depending upon severity. If the behavior is seen as extreme, or if this behavior continues, the staff person will be asked to leave. Salary up to the date of leaving will be paid.

Should you have any questions regarding Staff Working expectations, please contact the Camp Director.

Camp Wamp's Shared Responsibilities Acknowledgement

To work closely with all staff members, providing a safe environment and quality program for campers, and to:
  • Acknowledge and promote the goals of camp.
  • Participate in pre and post-camp training and procedures (i.e., inventory, clean up and evaluations).
  • Clean after each session and help prepare for the next session.
  • Participate in staff meetings and all-camp programs.
  • Demonstrate, enforce and discuss with campers environmental and safety guidelines.
  • Meet standards for personal hygiene, appropriate dress and professional behavior.
  • Complete all reports and necessary paperwork on time.
  • Submit written evaluation, including recommendations at the end of camp.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned.
Essential Functions Required
  • Willingness to learn, promote and live by the Camp Wamp culture.
  • Cognitive ability to interpret and follow pre-determined procedures in a crisis or emergency.
  • Demonstrate common sense, good moral character and integrity.
  • Emotional maturity, sound judgment and a sense of humor appropriate for children.
  • Ability to teach and care for children with enthusiasm, patience and self-control.
  • Ability to understand and meet the needs of children and willingness to place them ahead of personal motives.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • Ability to accept supervision.
  • Ability to acknowledge, respect and celebrate human diversity in all situations.
  • Ability to work and live in a rustic, outdoor setting in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Completion of the Health History/Physical Examination Record that includes a doctor's release.
Desired Qualifications
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Good health and stamina.
  • An enjoyment of, and appreciation for nature.


Conflict of Interest Statement
Stephen J. Wampler Foundation's Conflict of Interest Statement

No staff member or any member of her/his family should accept any gift, entertainment, services, loans or promises of future benefits from any person who, personally or whose employer, might benefit or appear to benefit because of the staff member's connection with the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation Inc. Staff members are expected to work out for themselves the most gracious methods of declining gifts and entertainment that do not meet this standard.

No staff member should perform services, for personal gain, for any supplier to Stephen J. Wampler Foundation Inc. of goods or services, or for any customer, as employee, consultant, or in any other capacity, that provides compensation of any kind. Similar association by a member of the staff member's family or by any other relative may also be inappropriate.

No staff member, or any member of her/his family should have any beneficial interest in or substantial obligation toward any supplier, customer of Stephen J. Wampler Foundation Inc. or any other organization that is engaged in doing business with or serving the Foundation, unless it has been determined on the basis of full disclosure of the facts that such interest does not give rise to a conflict of interest.

This regulation is not intended to apply to situations that do not compromise the staff member, the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation Inc., or a third party; nor does it apply to gifts and social entertainment of a nominal value that are clearly in keeping with good business ethics and that do not obligate the recipient.

Any matters or questions that arise will be referred to the Executive Director for appropriate action.