Camp Chef


Responsible for providing meals for campers and staff during the summer camp program. Preparing meals for special diets and ordering food and cleaning/ organizing kitchen and appliances. In addition, cooks are responsible for general cleaning and maintaining meal records. A primary function of this and every other job at Camp Wamp is to ensure that each member, guest and visitor receives the highest caliber of service


  1. Manage all aspects of food service for residential camp
  2. Supervise and coordinate the kitchen staff
  3. Plan meals Monday to Friday for up to 100 people per meal in advance
  4. Work with administrative staff on travel camp menu planning
  5. Review meal plans with certified nutritionist (based on availability)
  6. Ensure cleanliness of food preparation and delivery areas
  7. Follow state health department regulations pertaining to safe food practice
  8. Work with Food Inspectors to ensure legal compliance
  9. Solicit food donations
  10. Assist administrative staff in food budget planning
  11. Responsible for rotating stock when new orders are checked in
  12. Places food orders in accordance with budget and in a timely manner
  13. Check in all food/supply orders
  14. Prepares all meals on time as scheduled or assigned by the director
  15. Knowledge of food allergies and food related diseases, and the ingredients that may cause the allergy/disease
  16. Be willing and prepared to meet special food requirements for both campers and staff; e.g. gluten free and vegetarian diets
  17. Have food items available for staff on weekends
  18. Complete monthly food inventory by the end of each month
  19. Have menus posted daily;
  20. Keep kitchen clean and in accordance with department of health regulations at all times
  21. Sanitize kitchen surfaces regularly throughout the day
  22. Wash hands frequently while working in the kitchen and in accordance with department of health regulations
  23. Report any accidents or injuries to directors
  24. Assist in weekly deep cleaning of specific areas in the kitchen, e.g. floors, vent hoods, etc.
  25. All other duties as assigned.


  1. Minimum two years of successful experience as head cook
  2. Experience cooking and serving over 100 meals per day
  3. Ability managing kitchen staff
  4. Ability to modify meals for special dietary needs
  5. Knowledge of generally accepted well balanced nutrition guidelines
  6. Experience with ordering and meal planning
  7. Current First Aid/CPR and Safe Serve certifications
  8. Excellent working skills including: communication skills, organizational skills and attention to details
  9. Ability to assist campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, injury) Will train
  10. Must have a clean criminal background


  1. Ability to lift and carry heavy objects
  2. Ability to stand
  3. Work in extreme heat
  4. Hear and listen
  5. Sit, stoop, kneel, crouch
  6. Work with chemicals
  7. Work with noise
  8. Pass drug test