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SJW Chat

Stephen J Wampler created SJW Chat so you can chat with him live via multiple forms of media including Facebook live and Zoom.  Stay tuned for schedules.

“My dream is to inspire kids to get what they want out of life” 

SJW Chat is learn more about our story.  For those of you who are new to our story I am the only person in the world with severe Cerebral Palsy (CP) to climb “El Cap” in Yosemite National Park.   Steve’s Climb is called Wampler’s Ascent.  Tenacity, perseverance and a strong mindset is what allowed me to do something nobody else in the world has ever been able to do with my condition or disability.    My wife Elizabeth Wampler and I are here to educate people, companies, non-profit organizations and their teams on how to break through the barriers harness the tremendous abilities of those with disabilities.

We look forward to connecting with you all via SJW Chat with the hastag #SJWChat on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.  In addition we will have scheduled Zoom meetings to help inspire more kids, people, companies, organizations and executive teams.

Steve’s Climb called Wampler’s Ascent has created many opportunities to inspire kids to get what they want out of life.  Stephen is honored to represent children with disabilities and help them live their dreams.

Special thanks to our sponsors, donators and amazing team members, all the campers and staff who have helped us along with the many organizations like:

We are here to serve our fans and audience.  We will be posting our live update schedule for Facebook live and Zoom meetings.    Stay tuned.

Please contact Steve to learn more about Steve’s Climb called Wampler’s Ascent as well as speaking engagements.  He is available to speak virtually to your team.

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