I’m Jonathan, and I am amazed at what is coming for CWAA! I have been friends with Joseph Wampler since we were in preschool and have worked for Camp Wamp for all of my professional life. I have lived at camp Wamp for months at a time, doing everything from being a counselor for kids to maintaining equipment, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, and prepping camp for opening and closing. I would refer to myself as Steve’s right hand man at camp for 3 years. The experience of being at camp and working hard to make Steve’s dream is something in which I am intimately familiar. I have known the Wamplers my entire life, and joe is the closest friend I have.

From being in Yosemite watching Steve’s climb, to watching their piece on Good Morning America, to going to school together continuously with Joseph for 13 years, I am the second son for the Wampler family. So, when Joseph told me that he is planning a summer-long road trip to raise awareness for disability, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. After being exposed to the normality of disability, I want others to expose the ignorance that some have towards disability and its’ spectrum of differences. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman.