I’m Elliot, and I couldn’t be more excited to capture content for CWAA this summer! I’m going into my 3rd year of college where I plan to transfer to either Chapman University or USC. In my scarce free time, I love to surf, skate, and snowboard with my friends. Honestly, I love anything that includes the beach, the mountains, or hanging around loved ones. I met Joe studying abroad in Rome in the fall semester of 2019, and ever since then we have nurtured a close friendship. Last summer I went to Camp Wamp and got to experience the incredible impact the Wampler’s have made in the community of kids with physical disabilities. Once Joe called me a few months back and told me about this summer tour, I knew that I had to drop everything and be a part of it.

This road trip is important to me for many reasons, but the main reason I’m invested in this tour is because the Wampler’s deserve to have their mission reach an audience larger than imaginable. Steve, Liz, and the whole Wampler family have dedicated their lives to show kids that disability does not define who you are, and I believe the rest of the world needs to see that, too. Amidst our travels this summer, I’m looking forward to being a component of CWAA in our mission to give kids memories they will never forget, in addition to showing the world that there is no big disability.