Millennials are full entrenched in our workforce. Some are now ripe to take board seats in organizations, run global companies, and leave their cushy job to go start the next big thing as an entrepreneur. The traditional rules have changed. And just like the older generations have had to get used to new vocabulary.  Words like FOMO and binge-watch, the business world has to get comfortable with millennials’ new rules.   Millennials: It’s All About the Cause, Not the Company. 

One of these is—undeniably—that this generation of our workforce will be more focused on the cause than the company.  Recent data suggests that one in three will leave an organization if its values do not align with their moral compass.

Our world consists of social reviews, customer surveys, and the ability to listen to our audience. It is important to focus on these trends that will add value to our brands in a hypercompetitive world. In the Bay Area, it is becoming increasingly hard to find exceptional talent for organizations. Therefore, we need to look at things from a different angle and perspective.

Todd Wilms has helped us see philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, and our brand in another light.

According to Wilms, a well-known author and highly experienced marketing executive in the San Francisco Bay Area, “millennials are more focused on the cause versus the organization.”

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation and its Camp Wamp are focused on providing life-changing experiences with children with physical disabilities. We change lives forever. We are constantly trying to keep a balance of being properly funded and conserving resources to pursue our mission shaping the lives of these incredible children. To accomplish this, we need to partner with the right organizations.

There is an opportunity for us co-create a win/win situation that produces positive change by educating organizations.

Wilms has helped us think outside of the box and gave us some incredible ideas. We decided to take action, share his ideas, and educate companies on how they can add value to their organization.

According to Wilms, most organizations get the general idea of aligning to a cause, something the company can believe in and focus their energies on supporting. Where most organizations fail is how they practice those ideals. From his experience, here are a few tactical, quick-win ideas that will guide organizations in their mission to support a cause:

  • Show visible support for your cause (website, logo, and backlink) on your careers page, and be specific why you support the cause.

  • Partner with foundations that have great causes that are influenced by millennials.

  • Create grants to support causes that millennials support.

  • Endorse brands that millennials support.

Organizations can add value internally by acquiring higher-quality employees by supporting good causes. Why? Millennials are more focused on the cause than the organization. Strategically, we need to think specifically of collaboration where the organization sends a clear message that they are supporting causes that make a difference in order to drive millennials to take action.

It is important to listen to your audience and take action in order to add value so that millennials will be motivated to work harder, create value, and contribute to the organization and cause.

Todd Wilms is an author of Beyond Product, which is on Amazon’s #1 Hot List and book that is an essential for any visionary leader. Todd gets brands talking to their audiences and is a known authority on connecting brands.

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation is grateful to be connected with such an incredible human being as Todd Wilms. Thanks, Todd.

Learn more via  Todd Wilms Podcast (CLICK HERE)